Day of Discovery

It is our firm belief that a young man must be a good fit for St. Lawrence, and that St. Lawrence must be right for that young man before we will offer him an application. Our process for acceptance encourages deliberate steps of inquiry and discovery on both sides. The Day of Discovery is an opportunity for early middle school aged boys to come discover St. Lawrence Seminary High School, meet the faculty and staff, and join in Sunday Mass. 

2018-2019 Day of Discovery Date

October 28, 2018

May 5, 2019

St. Lawrence sees the Day of Discovery as an opportunity to share information about our school, to listen to the family’s goals in choosing a high school, and to learn about the prospective student. 

Schedule of Events:

9:45-10:00am — Registration & Sign-in
10:15am — Mass
11:30am — Brunch with the Students
12:00pm — Campus Tour
1:00pm — Wrap-up and Q&A Time


If you are interested in attending one of our Day of Discovery dates, please RSVP below!